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Ph. D. Jorge A. Wise

Programas en los que participa

Since 1980 Dr. Wise served in the areas of marketing and international business for several companies in Mexico before joined Monterrey Tech as professor. Dr. Wise completed his Ph.D. from EGADE. He was first adjoint professor for ten years before joining Monterrey Tech (ITESM) as a full time professor of international business and marketing. He serves in the International Business Department, as Coordinator of the Sales Program, Coordinator of the Strategic Sales Executive Diploma and as Coordinator of Minors in Marketing and International Business among other activities. Professor Wise is visitor scholar at IESEG, School of Business in the International Management Program at the Catholic University of Lille in France and at Pforzheim University in Germany. He also has taught graduate courses in Denmark, Spain, USA, Honduras, and Perú. In 2002, Dr. Wise took the first foreign students to participate in the National Collegiate Sales Competition held every year at Kennesaw State University in the USA.

Among other activities, Dr. Wise has taught sales, consumer behavior, international marketing and international business to diverse audiences in France, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Spain, and the USA. Recent participation in companies includes Cervecería Cuahutemoc Moctezuma, FEMSA, Uniblock, Nassar Electronics, Wal-Mart and others.

Author and co-author of diverse research papers presented at national and international forums such as the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, the Academy of International Business, the Business Association of Latin American Studies, and the Conference on Global Business & Economic Development. Dr. Wise won the 2003 Annual Award for the Best Design, Technological and Pedagogical for the course “International Marketing Analysis.” He is an active reviwer for many conferences and academic publications such as the Academy of Consumer Research, the Journal of Business Research, and the Portuguese Journal of Management Studies among others. He has been recognized as Best Reviwer in 2005 by the International Management Division of the Academy of Management and in 2007 by the International Business Information Management Association en. As active professor and researcher, Dr. Wise was recognized in 2006 as one of best professors for his performance at the DAF (School of Business), Monterrey Tech.